3D Sculpting to the MAX!

Did anyone catch the Oscars, also known as my Super Bowl? Well I did, and I was thrilled to see that LAIKA’s ParaNorman was nominated. Although they didn’t win, it’s wonderful to see stop-motion get recognition by the motion picture industry.

When I’m not watching Anne Hathaway cradle her Oscar like a child on television, I’m tooling around with Autodesk Mudbox and working on new projects. Lately, I have been follwing a group of artists over on the Facebook page for “Pixologic ZBrush” ZBrush and Mudbox are programs that help you take your model further in its design by helping you add detail like folds in the skin, folds and drapes in clothing, skin textures and scales and a host of other great details. You can even paint your model, as well which is fantastic.

On the subject of Facebook, have you liked my Facebook fan page yet? I have a link to it on the side of my website, but here is a link just in case you are feeling inspired: www.facebook.com/DorothyGroesbeckArt

Anyway, here is a model I’ve been working on, thus far. It’s based on my chihuahua, Gloria. I began modeling her in 3D Studio Max and then brought her into Mudbox. In the future, I plan on animating her to practice rigging and animating. So far, Mud is so much fun to use. I’m still figuring out all of its quirks at the moment. In a way, it reminds me of a 3D version of Adobe Photoshop because like Photoshop, the program has layers and different effects to choose from at the bottom menu bar. Now that I’m feeling more comfortable with Mud, I plan to practice more often. So if you ever hear me saying that I’m busy playing in the Mud for hours, there’s no need to get a hose.

Glory in Autodesk Mudbox!

Some of you have probably seen this floating around my blog, but this is the design I’m using:

Character design, digital illustration.

Glory character model sheet.

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