On the subject of drawing faces: the stranger, the better

So in this new year come new goals. I am an extremely goal-oriented person, and I always have to have another finish line awaiting for when I finish a finish line. I just love having multiple things going. It keeps my brain thinking and my pen flowing with (hopefully) good ideas.

Last year, my goal was to work on my 3D puppetry, and this year, I want to focus on 3D computer animating and pushing my character designs. I dig faces, the stranger the better. I like drawing strange lines because it leads to interesting drawings. If I had just gone with a straight line or a perfect circle, I wouldn’t have broke any new ground. To create this “limited edition” of signature strange faces, I just drew free flowing lines, put on some good music and let my imagination take me to the bus stop of people waiting around in my mind. I didn’t use anyone as references and instead challenged myself to see how many I can come up with using my imagination:

Womanly Faces!

Let’s hear it for the ladies.

Manly faces!

And the gentlemen, too.

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