Creating a Prehistoric World in 3DS Max

Today I turned in the second project for my advanced animation class. The assignment was to create a unique landscape for my character. While at first apprehensive about making an environment from scratch, I quickly got the hang of it and let my imagination take control of everything. I also benefited greatly from helpful lectures on textures and detail modelling, as well as looking up some tutorials. However, after some helpful lectures on making textures and detail modeling in class, I felt at ease with completing it.

Here is a scene I “wrangled” together using 3D Studio Max!

The biggest challenge was creating water, but after looking up tutorials and trying out different things, I’m pleased with what I came up with. Making a rocky landscape was a challenge at first, too, but researching rocky terrains helped me out, and I think the end result looks great.

Another view of my landscape!

The Albertosaurus is still a work in progress, since I am still trying to figure out how he will be rigged. Rigging is when you take your character and place a series of connected “bones” inside it. The bones are the skeletal structure inside them. By rigging your character, it enables you to animate.

A zoomed out view!

Detail of the water and rocky cliffs!

Another view of the water detail and a look at the cracked lake bottom!

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