Sketchbook Sundays: “Facing” the Sketchbook

Over the weekend, my wonderful mother gave me a sketchbook, and I was just completely thrilled. I typically don’t go for notebooks with ruled lines since the markings typically detract from the drawing on the page, but the paper quality of this book is fantastic. The lines and paper tonality really add to my drawings in this sketchbook, and I love the tint it gives my drawings. I scanned some of my drawings I created this weekend and left them unedited so the paper quality is apparent. I’m thinking about using a pastel chalk and burnt sienna drawing pencil in my sketchbook in the future. I’m just very eager to experiment with various mediums and processes in this book.

Over the weekend, I dined out and as usual, I brought my sketchbook along. I never want to miss out on instantaneous inspiration from my surroundings. Below are some character sketches I drew in my sketchbook while waiting for my food at various dining spots over the weekend:

There’s a certain something about this guy above. He was loads of fun to draw, but was very challenging at the same time. Since he was the last face I saw while I was at a particular restaurant, I had difficulty remembering his face. This challenge inspired me to sort of take my own spin on what I could recall and eventually, I began to create completely original characters that stemmed from this guy. I’m happy with what I ended up with and they can be seen below:

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