Meeting of the “Mines”

Minecraft is a wildly popular video game on multiple gaming platforms, and I thought it would be fun to make a Minecraft-inspired walk test in Flash.

I decided to forgo the dull graphics of Minecraft and create my own. I’m still teaching myself Flash and have been reading about the program’s various tools and techniques online and in textbooks.

Here is my latest foray into Flash below:

I used a combination of the bone tool and rotating body parts to animate. I also watched some Minecraft animations as inspiration and observed people walking to gain a better understanding of natural walk cycles that occur in real life. I even performed some of the actions in-person, such as the character using the pick axe, to gain a better understanding of the motions. I believe that all good animators should step away from their work and try acting out some of the motions they are trying to create. Everything I drew in this test was created in Flash.

After I make some minor tweaks to this animation and add some sound, I am going to go back into my studio and complete another Flash animation. I’m excited to see what else I can come up with.

One response to “Meeting of the “Mines”

  1. Great, enjoyed a different take of Minecraft, stepping away and acting out sections was a good idea…fun…

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