The Fantastic Fennec Fox

Fennec Fox studies

This is what my brain looks like.

Everyone that has traveled with me knows that I am a huge shutter-bug. I just love taking pictures of any new environment I find myself in. While this attribute sometimes annoys my friends and family (I often here, “Where’s Dorothy?” “Oh, she’s catching up. She was taking pictures” very softly from the distance when I’m traveling with people), I embrace my curious nature and love having my camera with me because I never know when I’m going to see something that I want to draw later.

On my most recent trip to Washington, DC, I was so excited to visit the National Museum of Natural History not just to learn about the history of natural world but to also have an opportunity to photograph and experience the museum’s astounding collection of specimens and artifacts. I knew that I would have a wealth of material to be inspired from, and couldn’t wait to view the exhibitions.

The Fantastic Fennec Fox

A photo I snapped at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. Aren’t Fennec foxes “fantastic”?

At the museum, I was drawn to the stuffed animals, particularly the ones of the Fennec foxes. Later when I was flipping through my photos of the day in my home studio, I saw my photos of the Fennec foxes and instantly knew I wanted to turn these animals I saw into characters. Their large ears and snouts had that certain quality which just begs to be stylized, and now, I am in the process of creating an original Fennec fox character. I’ve also looked at videos and other images online as a reference and am eager to finish this character design for my portfolio.

Designing this character has come at a great time for me since I am in the middle of creating a Flash animation of my chihuahua, Gloria. After watching videos of Fennec foxes, I discovered that both the Fennec fox and Gloria have a similiar gait and playfulness when they walk. These observations are going to help me out greatly with my Flash animation. Look for an update on my Flash progress in my next post!


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