Flashy symbols

Many people have asked me why I draw my character designs in Photoshop and my animated characters in Illustrator and Flash. The very simple explanation is that Illustrator and Flash are vector-based whereas Photoshop is pixel-based. So for a simple animation, I will choose the mathematically-backed lines of Flash and for a highly detailed illustration, I prefer the pixels of Photoshop. When I want my drawing to look more painterly, I like using Photoshop because I have more freedom when it comes to choosing my brushes. I can easily achieve any look I want. If I want something to look like it was drawn with charcoal for example, I can achieve that effect in Photoshop. With this program, it’s like I’m spraying color out of a can. On the flip side with Illustrator and Flash, I’m drawing with more math-based hard lines. Using these two programs for me is like filling in a solid shape with solid colors. Photoshop however, is like filling in the color of an entire field.

My progess in Flash thus far.

My progress in Flash thus far.

With that as a background, it is easy to figure out why I decided to draw my Gloria character for my animation in Flash CS5. I want the character to have a strong graphic design with dynamic, solid shapes and stylized graphic elements. Flash is perfect for this. Right now, I am making more symbols for my Gloria animation. The symbols I have completed as of today are the legs. By the end of the week, I am going to complete the head and the torso.

I’m teaching myself how to use Flash CS5 right now and it’s been a fun, challenging experience so far. I’m hoping to complete this animation by the end of the summer. Stay tuned!


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