Painting in Photoshop

I enjoy drawing and painting digitally as a way of relaxing and taking a break from working on my animation projects. Here is something I’ve been painting in Adobe Photoshop over the past couple of nights. It’s not yet completed, but I thought it would be worth showing to see how the process is coming along. I’ve only been using the basic brush that comes with the program. I’ve thought about using a texture brush at some point to make it look like this digital painting was done on textured paper, but it’s so far along that it may not need it. However, I’m glad I worked off a blue background as it gave a nice tone to the overall composition. When I paint, I tend to have the brush opacity and fill set back from 100%. That way, I can paint over my strokes over and over like I would with real paint to shade.

Digital painting in Adobe Photoshop in progress.


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