It’s Alive! (…almost!)

My in-progress puppet

My in-progress puppet

I have made great headway with my latest stop-motion project, and I’m close to completing my puppet that is going to be based off of my character design below:

Character Design for my latest puppet.

I’m working hard to follow the design, and with the tools and materials I am using, I am finding that I am able to embrace the challenges that come with making a 2D drawing come to life. Right now, I’m focused on painting the arms and hands with tinted latex. The body won’t need any painting since it will consist of my character’s costume. I’ve smoothed the body by covering it with fabric softener. I do this so that no bumps will be visible when my character is wearing his costume. I’m debating whether or not to cover my character’s head with a sheer stocking or to recycle the fabric softener sheet I used when smoothing his body. Regardless, once I figure out how to get my character’s head just right, I’m going to cover it with tinted latex.

As I progress further, I will be posting more photos and updates.

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