Throwback Post: Bears have feelings, too.

Quick programming note: I am re-posting some blog entries from my old blog onto this site so that everything has one website to call home. This post was originally posted in November when I began work on a pro-Bono art project for a non-profit organization based in West Virginia. – Dorothy


ImageI am very eager to post my latest project which I am working on in collaboration with a West Virginia non-profit. The concept is developing a series of cards that people with disabilities can use to help them interpret their surroundings in a clearer way. They are called social stories, and each story features an illustration that engages them while also reinforcing positive, social concepts using visuals. This prototype I made illustrating how to appropriately express your frustrated feelings with a parent was successful, so I have been asked to create another card for the series.

Below are ideas for my next card. So far, I’m sketching some heads since when I first begin a project, I tend to start with the head. After I decide on which head I want to go with, I’ll begin drawing some gestures to see what my character’s body is going to look like. Although I enjoy drawing traditionally, all of these drawings were done digitally with my Wacom tablet.


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