Animal Experiments

Original Post date: Saturday, November 26, 2011.

A family dinner over the holiday weekend inspired my latest drawing of a turkey. I have a few irons in the fire, so to speak, and I find that having a couple art projects going on simultaneously helps me to keep up the momentum and to constantly be on the look out for new, inspirational ideas.

So, here is the turkey drawing I mentioned:


My turkey has teeth as you can see in the opening of the beak. I plan to experiment with the coloration of his teeth to see which color combinations I am successful with. I am hesitant to become too experimental because I don’t want my turkey to look too menacing. That’s the fun in trying new things with art, though- I get to see what works and what doesn’t so I can learn and become a better artist.

Since I am on a big experimenting kick in this post, why not talk about my latest experiment: playing around with various digital brush and painting modes and techniques. I am quite pleased with my results, especially when I used burned mode for the feathers atop my turkey’s head.pleased with how the burn mode turned out for the larger feathers above his head.

As for a peak into my other art projects, why don’t I crack open my sketchbook so you can see for yourself:

These are some random characters I am working on. I wanted to experiment, to use my word of the day, and try my luck with an inking pen. Instead of using the traditional inkwell-type of pen, I opted to use the plastic inking pen that is squeezable with a brush tip. I opted for the plastic, version since I wanted to have more control over my lines. I actually very much enjoyed carefully outlining my sketches and am looking forward to inking more of my drawings soon.

The last 3 sections from my sketchbook are ideas I have for my next stop motion film based on my new dog, Gloria. Some drawings  of her appear “snake-like” and this was an intentional character design choice because Gloria is usually quick as a snake when stealing food from my plate. It is pretty funny, and yes, I am trying to teach her manners, but she is still adjusting to the domesticated life where dogs are well-behaved and practice self-control. Her snake-like reflexes have been my muse lately, and I hope to exaggerate these features on screen.

I’m still trying to determine which medium I will be working with, but so far, it seems as though I will choose paper. The last time I used paper was in my college animation 1 class, so I am looking forward to exploring this avenue again. I’d like to use different textures to add visual interest to the animation, and I think it will be an interesting element that will give my shots nice and visually appealing compositions.


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